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Winter Tree


Another post from my phone. The quality is not as great as a dSLR, but there’s something unnerving about lugging expensive equipment around is really shitty weather. Pros and cons I suppose.

Fork in the Road

Fork in the Road

This was taken during the Fourth of July, but it slipped from my mind over the past few days.

El Circo Cheapo

El Circo CheapoEl Circo CheapoEl Circo Cheapo

Saturday night I saw the monthly performance of El Circo Cheapo! I didn’t shoot all the acts, so I only posted a few shots and my favorite ones. If you like the circus, live performances, or seeing people do amazingly awesome things, you need to make time to check them out.

If you go, consider driving or taking a cab. I didn’t have any problems taking the Green Line at midnight, but I’m not sure I want to repeat that trip in the future.