Professional Photography Services

Chicago Event Photography by Michael Courier

Event Photography

Brand events, launch parties, networking events, annual meetings, tours, and holiday parties.

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Chicago Performing Arts Photography by Michael Courier

Performing Arts Photography

Productions including dance, theater, stand-up comedy, and contemporary performative pieces.

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Chicago Nonprofit Event Photography by Michael Courier

Nonprofit Event Photography

Hands-on educational programming, fundraising events, galas, and city-wide spectacles.

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Chicago Conference Photography by Michael Courier

Conference Photography

Documenting half-day, full-day, and multi-day conferences, including continuing education seminars.

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Chicago Portrait Photography by Michael Courier

Portrait Photography

Authentic environmental portraiture, either outside or in a working location, using natural or artificial lighting.

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Chicago Environmental Stewardship Photography by Michael Courier

Stewardship Photography

Hands-on beach and river cleanups, native plantings, environmental tours, and other outdoor activities.

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