EdgeFest 2019

Funkadesi performs at the South Stage during EdgeFest 2019 - Event Photography by Michael Courier.
Funkadesi performs at EdgeFest 2019. Their sound blends “Indian music — bhangra, Bollywood, Indian folk — with reggae, funk, and Afro-Caribbean grooves.” You can learn more about them on their website.

This is Not Ideal

It’s difficult to talk about event photography without first acknowledging Covid-19 and the chaos it has brought — upending families and the structure of modern society.

As an artist and self-employed small business owner, who works within the events and hospitality industry, it is an especially unnerving time as my calendar has been cleared for the foreseeable future.

However, while my situation is not ideal, I am fortunate to have a loving partner with a steady income. We have our health and each other. While this situation continues to develop, it is apparent that others are not as fortunate.

If you’re feeling helpless during this time, please know that little actions can have a big impact. Isolating yourself during this pandemic will help slow the spread of the coronavirus, allowing our healthcare systems time to recover. Where possible, buy what you need without hoarding, allowing others to have access to much-needed items as well. And please — wash your hands.

For artists in financial need, others have compiled resources to help ease your situation. Lawyers for the Creative Arts has a list of local resources available to our community. Additionally, another group of artists has compiled an exhaustive list of freelancer resources and income opportunities available across the nation.

If you’re among the fortunate, whose income is unabated during this crisis, please consider donating to local organizations working in your community. In this time of uncertainty, we all must be good friends and neighbors — checking in on those we love, and offering help where we can. Please do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

The front of the Pet Parade during EdgeFest 2019 - Event Photography by Michael Courier.
The head of the Pet Parade during EdgeFest 2019.

Another Perspective

It’s been months since I’ve posted new images to my site. It makes sense to do it now, as a way to pass time and to make sure certain creative muscles do not atrophy — though it’s difficult to not look at these images through the context of our current situation.

These people aren’t social distancing! Did they wash their hands!? They are outside! I want to be outside…

I say this, tongue firmly in cheek, but as I look back through my work and career, and examine the industry in which I work, I’m left with emotions and thoughts that I cannot entirely pinpoint at the moment. Some leave me a tad uneasy, while others leave me hopeful and optimistic.

Over the coming days, and unfortunately — months, I’ll attempt to work through these thoughts. For now, I’m excited to share a few images from August 2019!

Edgewater Pet Mayor, Pax the Goat, at EdgeFest 2019 - Event Photography by Michael Courier.
Edgewater Pet Mayor, Pax the Goat, enjoying a celebratory grazing outside of a local business.

EdgeFest 2019

Each year, the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce hosts EdgeFest, a two-day festival located in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. As a chamber member, and neighborhood resident, I’m fond of this event for many reasons, but for one reason in particular — it’s a block from my apartment! It’s the easiest commute imaginable.

EdgeFest includes a variety of activities, including live music, food, and activities for all ages. The festival also held its inaugural Pet Mayor election, where Pax the Goat obtained the majority of the vote.

Due to the current coronavirus situation, all events are tentatively scheduled, but the festival should be returning later this summer — and if you’re curious, you can view my photos from the 2018 festival.

Live music EdgeFest 2019 - Event Photography by Michael Courier.
Fun with friends at EdgeFest 2019 - Event Photography by Michael Courier.
Having fun at EdgeFest 2019 - Event Photography by Michael Courier.
A pet enjoying EdgeFest 2019 - Event Photography by Michael Courier.