Chicago Fire Starter

Mark the Fire Performer in Chicago - Portrait Photography by Michael Courier

Mark the Fire Performer in Chicago - Portrait Photography by Michael Courier

Mark doing a jump-kick.

This is Mark. He’s recently started performing with fire and wanted to have a few photos taken of him with his art.

Fire, on a Chicago rooftop, in the summer. How could I say no? It was a lot of fun and I forgot how much I enjoy the Chicago Full Moon Jam. If you’re interested in seeing Mark, or other fire performers, head near Foster Beach at sunset this Thursday. If you’ve never been before, you’re missing out!

Skyline view of Chicago at Sunset - Landscape Photography by Michael Courier

Symphony Center with MCP

Symphony Center in Chicago with Manhattan Concert Productions - Performance Photography by Michael Courier

Jubilate Deo by Manhattan Concert Productions performed at the Symphony Center in Chicago.

So far this year, work has been steady—with a variety of awesome projects and beautiful venues. I’ve been busier than anticipated, which means I’ve not been posting my recent work as often as I should.

Earlier this month I photographed my first symphony. I’ve photographed a lot of classical theater and sketch comedy, but this was something special. I was hired by Manhattan Concert Productions to photograph their performance at the Symphony Center. The architecture of the venue is absolutely beautiful and was designed by the famous architect Daniel Burnham.

I’m looking forward to going back and watching a performance, and enjoying the environment without the pressures of work.

Zoë the Bird Hunter

Zoë, aka The Intern, birdie hunting from her cat tree - Pet Photography by Michael Courier

Zoë, The Bird Hunter.

Zoë, aka The Intern, likes to birdie hunt. Around dawn, she can be found lurking around the windows, bobbing and weaving, trying to find birds to watch. In the springtime, it’s a lot of fun to work with the windows open and hear the birds chirping, and then watch as she wakes up from a nap and races over for a better view.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her this, but the other day, a bird landed on my leg! I was rushing around the city, running errands for the business, when I walked past a woman talking loudly—and walking slowly—pointing her phone down at her legs. When I turned around, I noticed she had a new friend. After a few moments, the bird flew from her and attempted to land on another woman (who was completely freaked out and ran away, terrified).

So the bird decided to land on me! And I was cool with that, and I took a few photos. Then it flew away! And that’s my story, but Zoë doesn’t know. So please don’t tell her, she would not be amused.

Photography by Michael Courier