As a photographer, the best camera is the one that I have with me. Lately that camera has been my phone. Recently I decided to update my phone to something with a better camera and that has allowed me to do a little more with the photographs that it can take.

These two shots represent my view from the office (day job) and the view near my apartment (about a 10 minute walk).

The Magic Hedge

The Magic Hedge

The Magic Hedge

When the sun was finally up enough to shoot without the aid of a tripod, I made my way to the Magic Hedge to photograph some more. With it being 7 am on a Saturday morning, I had the luxury of spending most of my time there without human interaction.

The birds were chirping, the bunnies were hopping, and I even got to watch a coyote stalk a rabbit!

By the time 8:30 am began to roll around, I had already spent a couple of hours photographing and I was ready to call it a day. It was now time to head home, make breakfast, and watch soccer.